• <h1>An intuitive escape</h1>
<p>Take time out at Vivari.<br />It's time for you to be your best you.</p>

    An intuitive escape

    Take time out at Vivari.
    It's time for you to be your best you.


    15 min / Complimentary
    InBody, the complimentary body composition analyser, shows you how you are built and helps select the best body treatment and fitness plan to fit your specific needs. The InBody analysis displays a visual representation of your body composition results and history, that is both easy to read, and motivating to follow.
      60 min / R990
      The Taste of Vivari begins with an introductory hand ritual, followed by your choice of massage, which includes Swedish, aromatherapy, or deep tissue, and incorporates the unique hot copper cup technique. The relaxing treatment ends with an express spa facial and our signature marble stone facial massage.
      75 min / R1 300
      Our transformative treatment begins with an active herbal scrub with sea salt, followed by a choice of contemplation oil to relax frazzled nerves,or stimulating zing oil to relieve a tired mind. We then wrap your body with a cooling body mask. As the cocoon cools, it soothes sensitive skin to complete your renewal and leave you feeling relieved and refreshed. The treatment ends with a relaxing scalp massage and a nourishing body butter.
      90 min / R1 400
      Yang begins with an introductory hand ritual, followed by your choice of massage, which includes Swedish, aromatherapy, or deep tissue, and incorporates the unique hot copper cup technique. The treatment ends with a cold marblefacial which targets pressure points on the face and leaves the skin invigorated.
      120 min / R1 700
      Ananda begins with an introductory hand ritual, followed by your choice of massage, which includes Swedish, aromatherapy, or deep tissue, and incorporates the unique hot copper cup technique. The treatment combines our signature Vivari facial which leaves the skin supple and smooth. This is a great treatment for tired skin and body.
      75 min / R1 300
      A nurturing ritual to induce deep relaxation and nourish the skin for pregnant and nursing mothers. It includes a hand ritual, followed by a full body exfoliation and a full body relaxing massage.
      60 min / R990
      Restore calm to mind and body with this renowned ‘hero’ treatment. Loved by all, this relaxing and deeply effective experience delivers triple results by focussing on three key areas, making it the ideal treatment for anyone.
      60 min / R990 90 min / R1 400
      The Swedish massage incorporates techniques that provide a sublime experience that is deeply effective, soothing and relaxing. This treatment includes passive and active joint movements with the assistance of the therapist. It utilises a firm or lighter pressure on the muscles, depending on the preference of the guest, used to increase blood flow, ease tension and improve flexibility. This massage targets toxins that are built up in the body, designed to calm the mind and energise the body.
      75 min / R1 300
      Heated stones allow the therapist to work deeper into the muscles – the volcanic stones heat the body’s tissues and aid relaxation. This therapeutic full body massage uses aromatherapy oils and warm volcanic stones to relieve deep muscle tension with a firm to deep pressure.
      60 min / R990 90 min / R1 400
      A deeply relaxing massage which combines personalised aromatherapy oils and pressure points through the scalp.
      60 min / R990 90 min / R1 400
      A powerful massage designed to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress. It uses firm to deep pressure, including acupressure and deep movements using the therapist’s forearms and elbows.
      60 min / R990
      Pamper your soles with this relaxing massage, concentrating on the pressure points to rejuvenate tired, worn muscles from the heel to the tips of the toes.
    • Specialised Body Treatments


      The Bellabaci oils combine the benefits of aromatherapy, energetic signatures, flower-remedies, vibrational frequencies and traditional Chinese cupping to bring you a natural alternative to healing body ailments. Our therapists perform the Bellabaci massage, a tailor-made experience of hand and cupping massage to relax body, mind and soul. This system is a tool used to massage the body in a slow and relaxing manner, and leaves the body feeling warm and relaxed for up to 5 hours after the treatment is completed. The specialised massage is available for:

      30 min / R690 45 min / R750
      60 min / R1 200 90 min / R1 500
    • Velashape® II

      The dimpling that occurs on your thighs and buttocks can be quite embarrassing! Banish your cellulite with one of our three treatment packages. After an initial assessment, the most appropriate treatment will be prescribed for you. Velashape® II per area: Buttocks, thighs, stomach, saddlebags, love handles, or arms.

      60 min session / R1 250 6 sessions / R6 000
      75 min session / R2 000 6 sessions / R10 000
      90 min session / R3 000 6 sessions / R15 000
      60 min / R850
      Achieve a softer, more hydrated and uniform-looking skin with this exfoliating and regenerating body treatment.
      60 min / R1 250
      A treatment that begins with deep massages of the stomach and body, guaranteed to restore your balance and wellbeing.
      75 min / R2 000
      A firming and toning treatment that leaves you with a refined skin texture and resculpted body.
      75 min / R2 000
      This treatment is used to treat cellulite, and for draining and shaping. It delivers intense skin-firming results, improves firmness and creates a slimming effect on the figure.
      90 min / R2 700
      Eliminating toxins in your body and improving your micro-circulation, this treatment leaves your skin feeling hydrated, firm and lifted.
    15 min / Complimentary
    Our complimentary VISIA® Skin Complexion Analysis provides an expert evaluation of our patients’ skin health. The comprehensive photo-assessment allows us to develop an individualised treatment plan to address each patient’s unique skin needs.
    • Biologique Recherche Facials
      90 min / R2 000
      Suited for all skin types, this reconditioning treatment directly targets the epidermis and has a plumping effect that leaves the skin smooth and toned.
      90 min / R2 000
      An exfoliating and lifting treatment combined with shaping techniques. It leaves the skin smooth, refined and toned.
      60 min / R1 750
      Treat ageing, lacklustre skin with this exfoliating, peeling and regenerating treatment that leaves the skin smooth and refined.
      90 min / R1 800
      Oxygenate your skin with this regenerating and revitalising epidermal treatment that restores the natural balance of your skin.
      60 min / R1 500
      This hydrating and complexion-enhancing treatment moisturises and brightens the skin.
      60 min / R1 500
      Stabilise particularly sensitive and fragile skin with a delicate treatment that has a soothing effect on the skin. Great for sensitive skin.
      90 min / R2 250
      Eliminate dark spots and rejuvenate uneven skin with this exfoliating and regenerating treatment that gives your skin a smooth texture.
      90 min / R4 500
      A perfect pre- or post-operative treatment, this treatment is perfectly suited to mature skin, regenerating the skin with 80% hyaluronic acid.
    • Add-on Treatments
      30 min / R650
      Lifts and smoothes away wrinkles, while firming, reducing puffiness and brightening the eye contour.
    • Zein Obagi Facials
      30 min / R650
      Perfect for oily, problem-prone skin, this specialist acne treatment helps to control oil production and prevent future breakouts, for clearer skin. Ideal for acne-prone teenage skin.
      60 min / R790
      Resolve problematic pigmentation with this effective skin brightening treatment that directly targets pigment-related issues to address dark patches and uneven skin tone.
      60 min / R560
      Treat your dry, dehydrated skin to soothing, calming comfort with this deeply hydrating treatment that restores your skin’s hydration levels.
      45 min / R530
      Get the ultimate skin results with this stimulating skin treatment. Invigorate tired skin with a renewing and reviving exfoliation treatment that is suited to most skin types.
    • Exuviance® Facials
      30 min / R500
      Revitalizing Peel is a professional-strength glycolic treatment that can be used to improve the appearance of skin imperfections such as fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation irregularities and blemished skin.
      60 min / R750
      Clarifies pores, blemished skin and minimises the appearance of oiliness and enlarged pores. Detoxifies and refreshes the skin.
      60 min / R750
      Visibly calms and soothes sensitive and rosacea-prone skin, and strengthens defences against future redness and irritation. Provides antioxidant protection and strengthens skin barrier.
      60 min / R750
      Brings new life to dull, stressed skin, restores youthful radiance, suppleness and smooth, silky softness to your complexion. Designed to polish skin texture, improve clarity and radiance and increase cell turnover and elasticity.
      60 min / R700
      Restores deep reservoirs of moisture to dry lacklustre skin, improves strength and youthful plumpness. This is designed to intensely hydrate, plump lines and wrinkles and restore radiance.
      60 min / R700
      Addresses all signs of ageing including fine lines, wrinkles, poor texture, uneven pigmentation, and loss of firmness, for a truly younger-looking skin.
    • Dermapen Facials

      Micro-needling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a highly effective, yet minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that treats skin concerns, such as acne scars and stretch marks, by stimulating collagen production.

      60 min / R 2000
      75 min / R3 000
      90 min / R2 500
      120 min / R3 700

    Tailor-make your own personalised experience. Reserve two to six hours of spa time, and our expert therapists will ensure the most suitable treatment is selected. Our choice of treatments address various concerns, from a stressed-out mind, to a burntout body. You will get the most out of your experience, which is convenient, stress-free, and will maximise your treatment results.

    • Waxing




    • Manicures and Pedicures
      60 min / R450
      Keep your hands and nails in best condition with this beautifying regime using our siganture range which concludes with a rich moisturiser. Nails are trimmed and shaped to your preference.
      75 min / R600
      Transformational foot care – a facial for your feet! Footlogix® is the world’s first and only Pediceutical® foot care line offering innovative products that provide effective and transformational results. Get ready for baby-soft feet!
      60 min / R500
      Give your feet the attention they deserve. Start with a foot bath for thorough cleansing and a foot scrub to slough off dead skin using our signature range. Nails are nourished and feet are moisturised for super-soft skin.
    • Add-on Services

    At Vivari, your wellness is our purpose and your relaxation is our passion. We understand the impact that today’s high-pressure lifestyle has on the human mind and body. We have designed four Vivari signature retreats to suit the different needs. A restful escape, a weight-loss kick-start, aesthetic procedures or surgical enhancement, you can rest assured there is a package that has been specifically developed to ensure you obtain the optimal effects of each treatment.

    We offer 2-, 3- or 5-day retreats which include:
    • Overnight stay in a 35m2 luxury room with complimentary mini bar (room upgrade available).
    • Individual health and wellness consultation.
    • 3 meals per night of stay, beginning with dinner.
    • Complimentary physical analysis (optional).
    • Complimentary skin consultation (optional).
    • Unlimited use of the fit lab.
    • Unlimited use of the hydrotherapy suites (steam room, sauna, vitality pool and ice fountain).
    • A complimentary daily treatment per night of stay as specified.
    • Biokineticist available.
    • Yoga instructor available.

    Choose one of our four special retreats.


      Escape the overwhelming stress and the resultant burn-out of the fast-paced modern world, and retreat to the tranquil sanctuary of the Vivari Hotel and Spa for the ultimate unwinding experience. This signature package has been specially developed to achieve an optimal state of relaxation and rejuvenation. Embark on a restorative journey that will rid your body of toxins and ease your mind of tension to achieve a rejuvenated and revitalised sense of self.

      2 NIGHTS / R12 000
      1 Yin Signature Ritual or 1 Yang Signature Ritual
      2 Classic Body Rituals
      3 NIGHTS / R17 200
      1 Yin Signature Ritual or 1 Yang Signature Ritual
      2 Classic Body Rituals
      1 Biologique Recherche Reharmonising and Draining Massage or 1 Bellabaci Full Body Massage
      5 NIGHTS / R27 000
      1 Yin Signature Ritual or 1 Yang Signature Ritual
      2 Classic Body Rituals
      1 Biologique Recherche Reharmonising and Draining Massage or 1 Bellabaci Full Body Massage
      1 Biologique Recherche
      1 VIP O2 Oxygenating Facial

      Valid from 3 nights only. Your overall health and wellness are key to a fulfilled life. This revitalising package has been specially created to aid you in embarking on a weight-loss journey, all within a relaxing space that will also encourage your mental wellness. Each spa treatment, physical activity and healthy eating plan has been developed to accelerate weight-loss, fitness levels, detoxification and overall relaxation, bringing great bodily benefits that you can both feel and see.

      3 NIGHTS / R27 000
      1 Fitness Consultation
      2 Personal Training Sessions
      1 Bellabaci Cellulite Massage
      1 Classic Body Ritual
      1 Biologique Recherche Firming and Toning Body Treatment
      5 NIGHTS / R50 000
      1 Fitness Consultation4 Personal Training Sessions
      1 Bellabaci Cellulite Massage
      1 Classic Body Ritual
      1 Biologique Recherche Firming
      1 Toning Body Treatment
      5 VelaShape® Treatments

      Reveal your best you! Treat yourself to an indulgent spa getaway in a luxuriously serene setting that allows you to unwind. Rejuvenate your appearance with Medi-Sculpt, which offers world-class treatments to reveal a youthful appearance. Immerse yourself in the tranquil sanctuary of our restful surroundings while enjoying the astounding aesthetic results of our expert procedures. This package promises that you will leave feeling as youthful and rejuvenated as you look.

      2 NIGHTS / from R11 500
      Consultation with Dr Anushka Reddy
      1 Biologique Recherche Soin Restructurant and Lissant Facial or 1 Biologique Recherche
      VIP O2 Oxygenating Treatment
      Liquid Face Lift with BOTOX™ and Fillers
      3 NIGHTS / from R16 500
      Consultation with Dr Anushka Reddy
      1 Biologique Recherche Soin Restructurant and Lissant Facial or 1 Biologique Recherche
      VIP O2 Oxygenating Treatment
      Zein Obagi Ossential® Skin Brightening Treatment
      Liquid Face Lift with BOTOX™ and Fillers

      Reveal an entirely rejuvenated version of yourself with the signature Vivari surgical getaway. The ultimate expression of indulgence, this premium package has been developed to allow you the restful recovery time required for your expert plastic surgery procedures to reap their most efficient effects. What better place to relax and recuperate than the tranquil settings of our serene sanctuary?

      2 NIGHTS / from R40 000
      1 Classic Body Ritual
      1 Luxury Vivari Manicure or Pedicure
      3 NIGHTS / from R46 700
      1 Classic Body Ritual
      1 Luxury Vivari Pedicure
      1 Luxury Vivari Manicure
      5 NIGHTS / from R57 400
      1 Classic Body Ritual
      1 Biologique Recherche Reharmonising and Draining Massage
      1 Luxury Vivari Pedicure
      1 Luxury Vivari Manicure
      1 Biologique Recherche Detoxifying Body Treatment